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Do you think web development and SEO services are tricky to understand? Honesty, you are not wrong. Providing web development and SEO service is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are looking for those services then you are in the right place. Nowadays, We are the best web development company in Bangladesh, and we are also the best SEO company in Bangladesh.

Web Development

In Bangladesh, we are the ultimate solution for web development and SEO service. As one of the web development company in Bangladesh, we work like your extra hand which have 

  • Expertise 
  • Experience

Through the best web development company in Bangladesh, you can make your online presence stronger. Most web developer companies in Bangladesh do not understand the meaning of web development. Many of them do not understand the difference between web development and SEO service. Both services are important for websites but both work differently.

As a web development company in Bangladesh, we work with the true meaning of web development and SEO.

When we develop your website, we are focused on making your website easy for your consumer. As a web  development company in Bangladesh, we always think about some points like how to improve sales, analyze your website competitions, make your website user-friendly, etc.

Nowadays websites have become the heart of any business. With the help of the best web development in Bangladesh, you can make your business heart more functional for running your business successfully.

Why EVER DIGITAL is the best SEO company in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, people are not clear on how SEO works. So-called SEO experts are thinking that backlinks, directory submission, social bookmarking, etc are the foundation of SEO services. Those unfunctional services are wasting your valuable time and it really makes your website useless.

As the best SEO experts in Bangladesh, our main target is to make your website super supportive for your business. We think sustainable SEO services are providing the exact things that are the consumers looking for. We create connections between your business to your consumers. Through the best SEO company in Bangladesh, you can make your business easy to find.

If you want to rank your business on the first page of google then  you have to work with the best SEO company in Bangladesh. With the help of EVER DIGITAL, you can make organic sustainable traffic to your business.

As one of the best web development company in Bangladesh, we ensure that our client’s websites reach the top of the game. Our company has a clear path in web development and SEO service. Our goal is to make every client’s website a successful business. After providing service, we look at our client’s business improvement. If you need to check our service quality please have a look at our reviews.

Now, let’s arm your website with the help of EVER DIGITAL which is the best web development company in Bangladesh.

Why should you work with EVER DIGITAL?

When you think about web development and SEO service, the 1st  thing you need to do is research. You can think about those websites which you love and why you love them. You can use them as your example.

Search Engine Optimization team

First, you can have a look at which companies are working for a local business like EVER DIGITAL. It is the best web development in Bangladesh which is especially working for Bangladesh.

When you want to build a professional website with the help of a web development company in Bangladesh, you must do their previous case study and you should identify how they work.

We can tell you what things EVER DIGITAL considers as web development in Bangladesh:

  1. Visible difference from the old website.
  2. Work with your existing information and integration with your old website.
  3. We understand what kind of SEO and content your website needs. Because we are also one of the best SEO Company in Bangladesh.
  4. As a web developer company in Bangladesh, our pricing is always according to Bangladesh. We never have high costs like foreign countries.
  5. When our experts are providing service, they give extra priority to accessibility.

In web development in Bangladesh, we provide expert security.

In our web development process, we work with front-and back-end technical support which makes any website smooth. As a web development company in Bangladesh, there are some basic steps that we follow in web development service:

  • Research and planning: At the beginning of web development, we are doing good research. In web development, we are focused on the audience, industry, competition, and business requirements. This planning step focused on:
  • What kind of requirements and technical support your business has.
  • What kind of consumers are your target and how much traffic do you expect in your business.
  • In this step, we decide what kind of software supports your business needs.
  • Design: Web designing is an important part of web development. We do back-end development when the web designing is ongoing.
  • Development: When the web design is done with wireframes, site maps, and other designs then we start  vital web development steps like:
  • Develop web style sheets.
  • Create information storage.
  • Work with the back-end system.
  • Test: As a web development company in Bangladesh, we always test development of our website. We show our customers how the website works for example:
  • How responsive the website becomes.
  • With heavy user load how the website performs
  • How do the front-end and back-end systems work
  • We check whether all links and software are working smoothly or not.
  • Launch: When web development is done then this is the time for website launching. In this step, we publicize your website on a web server and ensure public accessibility.
  • Maintenance: As a web development company in Bangladesh, we provide service after the website launch. Website maintenance is an ongoing process. In this process, we make your website up-to-date, solve rising issues, update content, and add new functions.

Besides being a web development company, we are also the best  SEO company in Bangladesh. In SEO service we are providing

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Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a  system that makes your page rank higher in search engines. A search engine is a way where people can find content and websites. For any online service search engine optimization (SEO) can increase traffic.

In this SEO service, websites can grow first with the help of organic traffic.

SEO systems mainly work on keyword research, content creation, link building, and technical issue.SEO is mainly 4 types:

One-page SEO: 

This type of SEO is working with the keywords. On-page SEO makes your content or website search engine friendly. Which makes your service visible to your consumers. On-page SEO is working with some steps:

  • Title tag: The title tag is a short version of your main content. It should be less than 60 characters. The main keyword and brand name should be included in the title tag. Moz’s preview tool helps to see how the title appears.
  • Meta Description: Meta description is the voice of a webpage. It tells them what kind of service they can expect from this webpage. It should be under 160 words. Mata Description is mainly focused on keywords and synonyms.
  • Images: Images we are using in the content should be search engine optimized. It includes the photo title, file names, and also includes google image best practices.
  • URL structure: URL structure should be working on separating your page title including keywords.
  • Internal linking: Internal linking is important for understanding your page and providing relevant information.
  • Content: For making any content search engine friendly including keywords in content is a game changer.
Off-page SEO:

Off-page SEO is making sure that search engines understand this website is trustworthy and relevant. Off-page SEO is working on

  1. Backlinks
  2. Online reviews
  3. Brand signals
Local SEO:

Local SEO is a process to rank your website in a specific area. It makes your service visible to your local people. If you are looking for SEO expert in Bangladesh, you are in the right place we try our best to provide best service in local seo fields.

Local SEO is focused on 

  •  Name, Phone number, Address (NPA) system
  • Making your google business profile.
Technical SEO:

Technical SEO is working on 

    • Increasing the traffic on a website 
    • Fixing web technical problems
    • Making user-friendly website
    • Creating a business website map
    • Making sure the content is authentic.

Local SEO

Local SEO service is a marketing method that targets local people. In this strategy make your service search engine optimized for the local area.

There are 6 ways to make your business stand out in your local area:

Google My Business(GMB): 

The most important part of local SEO is Google My Business. It is a free function of google. Which creates a business profile in google. It is the top factor that google will see for ranking in search engines. For creating GMB you have to follow some steps. 

  • A unique business name
  • Business address
  • Location on google map
  • Business phone number and website 

Then you need to verify your business with the help of some information. 

Customers review:

 Local SEO reviews influence customers and it affects website traffic. So positive reviews make your local business more visible to your customers. As a web development company in Bangladesh, we always focused on where google expects your reviews.

Local link building:

 Local link building refers to your business as more trustworthy to Google. For the result of local search engine google understand link building and it helps you to rank high 

Clear (NPA): 

Clear NAP is made clear about your  business name , address,and phone number which help your customers to contact you.

Social listening: 

Social listening makes your local SEO stronger. It will help you to understand your customers.


E-commerce is an online platform for business, where you can trade any products or services. 2.14 billion people are using e-commerce sites for selling and buying.

E-commerce website development  work like online stores where you can showcase your products or services. In the e-commerce sector, there are some business models which are dominant in the e-commerce business world. 

Popular modules are:

  1. B2C: In this method, businesses sell their service or products to customers.
  2. B2B: This module business provides its services or products to another business.
  3. C2B: C2B works on customers selling to another business.
  4. C2C: In this process, customers sell their products or services to another customer.
  5. B2G: It means business to the government. Their business sells their services or products to the government.
  6. C2G: In this business model, customers sell their services to the government.
  7. G2B: Government sells their service or products to businesses.
  8. G2C: This method sells government products or services to consumers.

Through e-commerce, people can buy and sell products and services from their phones, computers, and other devices. For any business, e-commerce can bring many advantages:

  1. Growing your business rapidly: In this time more than 3.4 billion products are sold from amazon stores. It makes clear how e-commerce grows your business.
  2. Make your marketing reach global: Using e-commerce websites, you can make your business marketing global. Because the internet has no boundaries, It can spread your business like a fair.
  3. Create more order opportunities online: In online through the e-commerce site placing an order has become easier and the payment system is also simple. It creates more order opportunities for your business.
  4. Lower operating costs: If you are working for a web development company in Bangladesh then it is cheaper than traditional operating costs and it is also easy to operate.
Make your business more accessible:

Through the e-commerce website, your business can directly contact your customers. E-commerce websites are open 24 hours for your customers so that people can place orders when they want.

Web design & development

Web design and development both are important parts of a website. But both play different parts to make a website successful.

Web design mainly works on the outlook of a website. It makes the website visually attractive to customers. As a web development company in Bangladesh, we make sure that by using web design your website looks clean and easy to understand. We are creating every website differently by looking through the web design. Web development certainly works on programming and coding which makes your website work properly. Through web design, a designer might create where any button should be set but web development ensures what function this button runs, and web development also ensures that every function of a website works properly. Web design and development both are working together for a website for making a positive online presence.

Web development is mainly working on 3 types:
  1. Front-end web development: Front-end web development is working for websites to look and create the right feel for a website. This kind of development is focused on website color, type icons, and how the images will appear. It also designs how a website appears on any device. It also makes a programming language optimized for making a website user-friendly and this type of web development is also working on web security.
  2. Back-end web development: Back-end web development is web building and maintaining systems. It maintains the coding service, which makes a website run. This coding system creates a connection between the website and the server and this connection makes sure the data flows. By practicing the back-end coding system, old programming languages like JAVA, PHP, MySQL, Python, etc are changing. 

Full-stack web development: Full-stack web development is working on both front-end and back-end development. It works server-side to the user interface. Mainly it works on complications of a website.

Website maintenance & Re-design

Website maintenance and re-design are impotent for making your business flow with time. All websites are created for achieving some specific goal and they also target a certain time. With time functions and technology, even search engines are changing. That is why website maintenance and re-design are needed after a certain time.

Website maintenance is ongoing and website re-designing also plays a major part after a certain time which makes your website functional for the present time.

Now you must be thinking about when is the time for website re-designing. There are some reasons 

  1. Making your website more repositioning
  2. For launching new products
  3. Adding more new functions
  4. For optimization conversions databases data backed inside
  5. Revamping
  6. Improving SEO

Website maintenance works for:

  • Updating your goals
  • Restore old works
  • Updating content
  • Watch and update with time

Our workflow

Planning Process

Before starting web development as a web development company in Bangladesh, we plan every single thing. We do proper research about how your business will go, what you want from a website, and your customer targets and we also research your competitors. Planning in web development is making every effort to organize an effective

As a web development company in Bangladesh, We mainly divide our planning process into 7 steps

  1. Identify website goals
  2. Understand  business audience
  3. Making a unique selling Proposition
  4. Unique domain name
  5. Pick website building process
  6. Selecting design element for the website
  7. Creating content


In web designing, we are focused on wireframes, code, and contact management but as a web development company in Bangladesh, we also know creative design is very important for website development. To create an attractive design we always make a clear website purpose and that should be aligned with the full web development process.

 In our web development company in Bangladesh, we do some steps to design a website. Steps are

  • Work with Programming language and technology: In these steps, we work with project technical parts we select the best web builders.
  • Create a sitemap and wireframes: Wireframes are the blueprint of a website. It works for visual design and content elements. Sitemap works with website information.
  •  Create Content design: In this content step, we work with our SEO strategy. Well designed content can increase your traffic effectively. For this step, we are using professional SEO tools.


In this step, we start website building according to our previous plan and design. Web development is all about making every design functional.

As a web development in Bangladesh, we are working with some skills, and we can tell about some of them 

  • Programming abilities: We give a strong coding service. Our expert work with HTML, CSS, etc.
  • Attention to detail: We always test our services and functional works. If any problems are rising then we figure out what goes wrong and fix every problem. 
  • Creative thinking: Website development is all about attracting customers and making their experience better. As a web development company in Bangladesh, we always make creative web development without creativity in our work people will not attract.


In this step as a web development company in Bangladesh, we follow some steps for launching a website:

  • Testing for launching
  • Fix every issue 
  • Make website accessible
  • Provide lodgings
  • Web hosting
  • Adjust necessary file setting

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What people say?

I am Cheah from Repro Furniture, we have contacted with ever digital bd to take care of our web site development and seo services and they have done pretty good job. We are still working with them. Relationship with them is very good so they became one of your business stack holders.
Ceo & Co-Founder, Repro Furniture
Sogood is the electronic brand. We supply 100% imported best electronics goods to all over Bangladesh. They developed our E-Commerce website. It is great design and responsive website that helps us to increase our online conversion rate.
Noor Alam
Founder, Sogood Electronics

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