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Then you are in the right place. We are the best SEO experts in Bangladesh.

Nowadays there are many companies that also provide SEO services, which makes it more complicated for everyone. I assure you, EVER DIGITAL is different as we are the best SEO service provider company in Bangladesh Dhaka. 

68% of online users begin their search with a search engine. In the news of hubs ports state marketing reports reveal that 64% of marketers invest their time in search engines. Nowadays many  people provide SEO service in Bangladesh. You have to select the best SEO experts in Bangladesh. Now the question is how do you recognize the best SEO service provider company in Bangladesh Dhaka?

For this reason, you have to understand how to deal with the SEO service provider company in Bangladesh Dhaka. As the best SEO experts in Bangladesh, we work with Google SEO  which makes any website more visible to visitors.

How does the best SEO experts in Bangladesh work for your website in 2023?

Understand the brand need and target audiences:

Brand understanding means the brand values, mission, vision, and goals. Those things can make us clear what kind of strategy we should follow for doing SEO for your business.

We target certain audiences with the help of analyzing your business-related data.

Analyze brand competitors:

For SEO, analyzing your brand competitors is important for understanding how they perform in search engines. Analyzing your brand competitor can help you to understand:

  • Your certain competitors
  • Know about website patterns
  • How they make SEO-friendly content
  • Understand how they work on backlinks
Proper keywords analysis:

Best SEO experts in Bangladesh, are working on researching, and selecting the most relevant keywords for your website. Proper keyword analysis can boost your business.   

Optimize On-Page SEO:

On-Page SEO is working on ranking higher in search engines. On-Page SEO works on your content in the title tag, meta description, URL pattern, etc.

Finding technical issues and fixing them:

When the best SEO experts in Bangladesh are working on your website they find every technical problem which is related to SEO, and fix them.   

Building backlink:

In SEO, backlinks are helpful for improving your website ranking. It makes your website more visible and makes your information source clear.

Providing work reports to the clients with updated SEO status:

In SEO service reports work like a map for your business. This SEO report provides you 

  • source about traffic
  • SEO working goal
  • Information about top pages 
  • SEO progressing speed
  • Clear you about future steps
Stay up to date with SEO algorithms: 

Now we are living in the digital world where everything is changing too fast, and as the best SEO experts in Bangladesh we need to update our services with time. For this reason, we have become the most updated SEO service provider in Bangladesh Dhaka. We change our service with the algorithm of Search Engines. In this way, we provide the best  SEO service in Bangladesh.   

Do you know what the white hat SEO services are? There are two terms of SEO services available such as white hat SEO and black hat SEO. When it comes to the term white hat SEO, experts need to do SEO work with proper manners followed by Google SEO guidelines. When SEO experts follow this method, website ranking would be slow or lengthy but the ranking will be sustainable which is preferred by Google. On the other hand in black hat SEO needs to do lots of PVN(Private Blog Networks) and a lot of other non-recommended methods. In some cases, you may get quick results from doing black hat SEO but according to Google’s new algorithm updates of SEO, it will not be sustainable for sure and there is a high chance of getting penalized. Our advisers are the white hat SEO expert in Bangladesh, and that’s why Ever digital is different from other companies.

Let me show you how we work as the best SEO experts in Bangladesh. 

Our Current Proven Results

There are some steps you need to know regarding Search Engine Optimization(SEO):

Enlisting the search engine optimization:

Why will you go to SEO marketing? The answer is for ranking. We try to rank 10 to 15 keywords that have long tails. When we select our keyword list, we check the rules and wait for your approval. When the list is approved, we start tracking your data. We don’t do any illegal SEO. We do the best work with the help of the white hat SEO expert in Bangladesh. 

Increasing traffic and information tracking:

If you invest in the white hat SEO expert in Bangladesh, it works for a lifetime. We begin the work by tracking your keyword movement. When you work with the white hat SEO expert in Bangladesh, you do not need to worry about google analytics.

Total white hat SEO service provider company in Bangladesh Dhaka  and how it works:

In these steps, we check every single issue about white hat SEO. We work in-depth on your website to find and fix every problem and make your website top-notch.

On-page SEO service:

According to many SEO experts, most of the SEO work needs to be done in On-Page SEO. If the keywords are appropriately placed in the article, they will rank with minimal help of Off-Page SEO. This is one of  the most powerful white hat SEO services enterprise owners can consider.

What we provide as white hat SEO expert in Bangladesh
  • Make your website optimize.
  • Fixing issues and following guidelines according to google search console. 
  • Use expert tools to do powerful keywords research.

Make your website SEO friendly.

  • Build white hat natural backlinks.
  • Make sure your website gets tons of traffices.

Current scenario between websites, doing SEO VS not Doing SEO using a graph.

SEO Graph

This graph shows us how SEO works for your business. Without doing SEO, your business can get the highest  25% visibility in online platforms

And the percentage of visibility will fall with time.

In this graph, you can see the result of working with the best SEO expert in Bangladesh.SEO will bring more than 25% of visitors in the 1st week and the percentage of visitors will be increasing white the time. In the 4th week, the percentage of your visitors will increase by more than 75% by working with Ever Digital.

Want to work with us?

How we are the expert SEO service provider company in Bangladesh Dhaka

Do you know, keywords can generate more sales and revenue through  your website with the help of the best SEO experts in Bangladesh? Then you should know about how the SEO service providers work for your website and products. If you take the help of the best SEO experts in Bangladesh, it works like magic for your business. SEO service providers are not really magicians, it’s all about science and skill. In  Ever Digital we have the best SEO experts in Bangladesh. Our SEO experts have at least 20-year experience that makes us more unique.

Nowadays everyone acts like an SEO expert but SEO experts and SEO service provider company in Bangladesh Dhaka both are different. Now the question is what is the diffraction? Let me clear the differentiation.

The one who knows about SEO and knows how SEO works, you can call this person an SEO expert. But the SEO service provider company in Bangladesh Dhaka is fully professional. As an SEO service provider company in Bangladesh Dhaka, we are doing SEO consulting, offering SEO services, and talking to clients on a project basis. 

If you are into any professional work which is online based, then you must need the best SEO experts in Bangladesh.

6 steps that make us the best SEO experts in Bangladesh.

We figure out how SEO works for Bangladesh

As the best SEO experts in Bangladesh, we formalize how SEO works in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh SEO have three main processes:

  • SEO service in Bangladesh, first we need to work on how the internet discovers the content.
  • For Bangladesh how the web adds and organizes the content in its index.
  • We understand that people search queries in Bangladesh and how the web shows the results.

Are you interested in doing your work with a white-hat SEO expert in Bangladesh? As the best SEO experts in Bangladesh, we know how to optimize a website for search engines so that we can read, index, and understand.

Our experts are clear about how search engine marketing for Bangladesh:

Search engine marketing is part of digital marketing. Our experts first understand the expectation of customers from SEO. Then they use conjunction with SEO to make your business presence stronger on online platforms.

Mainly search engine marketing (SEM) has two parts. The difference between the two parts is one part is free, and another part is paid.

Through SEO businesses can achieve top organic results by depending on the internet search. 

The other part is the Pay Per Click (PPC), which uses  PPC platforms. On those platforms, you have to pay, and your ads appear on top of the paid search result.

Search engine marketing systems PPC VS SEO:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Pay Per Click(PPC)

Technical SEO

Google ads

On page SEO

Display ads

Content SEO

Remarketing search ads

Off-page SEO

 Google search network

Local SEO


You can use both systems to increase the traffic for your website. There are some benefits of SEO marketing. Through SEO marketing, if you rank once at the top, you can get continued traffic and you can build your brand as well as your site will get traffic 24/7.

In the PPC  system, it can bring traffic for a certain time. When the pay ads time expires then the traffic on your website will reduce.

 If you want to make a brand, and you want to get traffic 24/7 then you may have to work with the best SEO experts in Bangladesh.       

Consider the true meaning of SEO:

Keywords and links are not the main factors of SEO, mainly SEO is providing the exact result that a consumer wants.

With the help of the best SEO expert in Bangladesh, you can transform visitors into your customer. As an SEO service provider in Bangladesh Dhaka, we provide three kinds of SEO:

  1. Technical SEO
  2. ON-page SEO
  3. Off-page SEO 
We use the best SEO tools:

Good SEO tools are really expensive, but we take the expense to provide the most effective SEO to our customers with the help of the best SEO tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush and many more. 

Our experts don’t stay theoretical:

SEO is a practical thing, and any theory doesn’t work for SEO. Every different business needs a different kind of SEO. To ensure the best output for any business, we research and find out which method is suitable for your business. Then we provide our SEO service. As a result, we have become the best  SEO service provider in Bangladesh Dhaka.   

We do our every work with patient: 

SEO and patience both are working together. Without patience, SEO  doesn’t work. SEO takes time to stand out when it stands, and it pays more than you think.

Let me show you, the Age of website ranking on google
Search Engine Optimization chart

In this graph, you can see how the SEO service works with time. With SEO service in Bangladesh in the first year, your business will rank under 60 .With time, in the 4th year your ranking will be within top 15. 

Our best SEO expert team will make your business sustainable and create a foundation that will give you 24/7 organic traffic.

SEO is the most powerful marketing system for online businesses. In Bangladesh, customers are shifted online frequently. In this situation, every business needs a strong online platform. If you need a strong SEO for your business you have to work with the best SEO experts in Bangladesh.

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